NexSort Services, Ink. is a USPS licensed, contracted and CASS-Certified mail presorter serving the Chicagoland area since 2000!...

NexSort Services Ink - Intelligent Mail Barcode NexSort Services, Ink. began operations in August 2000. For over 19 years we have built our business and client base keeping these 2 ideals at the forefront of how we operate: cost effectiveness and quality customer service.

We are fully licensed and certified by the United States Postal Service and are able to offer an array of services used to design, prepare, classify, and process your everyday mail needs.


Your current mail routine will stay the same, and then, you'll find there would be no need for additional personnel and no special handling required.

Automated mail arrives at its destination faster than non-presorted mail in normal circumstances.

Find out TODAY how much you can save on postage by sending us a quick email at